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We have over 20-years management experience in the Australian and New Zealand bus and coach industry. Customer service, sales and marketing, and new technologies were always our focus.

Rick Schindler on Bus and Driver: " we solve two problems: it's a one-stop shop for those looking for transport solutions. Our database profiles the bus and coach companies then matches them to the clients requests. It also gives bus and coach operators a specific match to potential customers."

It's a simple platform from which to do business.

Rick Schindler has worked for bus and coach operators and owned them. "I was always looking for buses and coaches that matched my needs and those of my clients. There was always a need to consolidate the many excellent small to medium bus companies across the country to make it easier for customers to find them. Bus and Driver is it" says Rick.

The combined Bus and coach management, customer service, event, and technology expertise makes Bus and Driver the perfect choice for everyone. Hurry up Register / Contact Us to book, hire, rent our bus, charter, coach and drivers.

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Bus and coach operators – Don't miss the bus!

We want to do business with you. All you have to do is register your company and vehicles into our database. Once you do our clients are instantly searching for you. Our database searches by regions you operate in and types of trips you do and bus or coach size.
We have a wide range of local Australian clients and international clients who do business in Australia. So please, register to receive our terms and conditions or contact us directly to discuss working with Bus and Driver.

We look forward to meeting you.

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